Section A.28. System

A.28. System

System Utilities

A.28.1. statgrab

Repository: - License: PHP -

libstatgab bindings

A.28.1.1 Description

libstatgrab is a library that provides a common interface for retrieving a variety of system statistics on a number of *NIX like systems.

This extension allows you to call the functions made available by libstatgrab library.

A.28.2. System_ProcWatch

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Michael Wallner (lead)

Monitor Processes

A.28.2.1 Description

With this package you can monitor running processes based upon an XML configuration file, XML string, INI file or an array where you define patterns, conditions and actions.

XML::Parser must be installed to configure System::ProcWatch by XML, additionally Console::Getopt and XML::DTD must be installed if you want to use the shipped shell scripts 'procwatch' and 'procwatch-lint'.

A simple 'ps' fake for WinNT can be found at

A.28.3. System_Socket

Repository: PEAR - License: PHP - By Michael Wallner (lead)

OO socket API

A.28.3.1 Description

Aims to provide a thight and robust OO API to PHPs socket extension (ext/sockets).

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