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  Table of Contents
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Demystified
By Laura Gutman
Publisher : New Riders Publishing
Pub Date : November 03, 2003
ISBN : 0-7357-1384-7
Pages : 1272
    About The Author
    About The Contributors
    About The Technical Reviewers
      What (and Whom) This Book Is For
      How This Book Is Organized
      How to Use This Book
      Book Conventions
      What to Take Away from This Book
    Part I:  Web Page Construction with Dreamweaver
      Chapter 1.  What's New in Dreamweaver MX 2004
      The Things You'll Never See...
      ...And Something You Will!
      General Interface Improvements
      Document-Editing Improvements
      CSS Improvements
      Code-Writing Improvements
      Site-Management Improvements
      Dynamic Data Improvements
      Chapter 2.  The Dreamweaver Workspace
      Choosing a Workspace (Windows)
      The Start Page
      Playing with Panels
      Using the Document Window
      Getting Help
      Chapter 3.  Creating and Working with Documents
      The Basics of Creating Documents
      Working Smart with Documents in Dreamweaver
      Chapter 4.  Working with Text
      Text Basics
      Working Smart: Bringing in Text from Other Programs
      Working Smart: Creating Text Structure
      Chapter 5.  Working with Images
      Image Basics
      Working Smart with Images
      Chapter 6.  Links and Navigation
      The Basics of Links
      Navigation Methods and Tools
      Working Smart with Links
      Chapter 7.  Utilizing Head Content
      The Basics of Head Content
      Working Smart with meta Tags
      Working with Other Head Content
    Part II:  Designing with Dreamweaver
      Chapter 8.  Building Tables
      Table Basics
      Working Smart with Tables
      Using Flexible Widths Sensibly
      Using Tables for Page Layout
      Chapter 9.  Working with Forms
      Form Basics
      Working Smart with Forms
      Chapter 10.  Designing Frame-Based Pages
      Frame Basics
      Working Smart with Frames
      The World of Iframes
      Chapter 11.  Using Cascading Style Sheets
      CSS Basics
      Working Smart with CSS
      Chapter 12.  CSS Positioning, Dreamweaver Layers, and Page Layout
      Layer Basics
      Working Smart with Layers
    Part III:  Interactivity, DHTML, and Multimedia
      Chapter 13.  Interactivity with Behaviors
      Basics of Behaviors
      Working Smart with Behaviors
      Chapter 14.  Controlling Layers with JavaScript
      Dynamic HTML Basics: Layers and Scripting in the Browser
      Controlling Layer Visibility
      Controlling Layer Contents
      Dragging and Dropping Layers
      Controlling Other Layer Properties
      Chapter 15.  Plug-Ins, ActiveX, and Java
      Extending the Browser with Plug-Ins and ActiveX
      Extending the Browser with Java
      Chapter 16.  Building Web Pages with Flash
      How Flash Works in the Browser
      Working Smart with Flash Parameters
      Working Smart with Dreamweaver/Flash Integration
      Working with Full-Screen Flash Pages
      Flash and JavaScript
      Flash Text and Flash Buttons
      Flash Elements
    Part IV:  Site Management with Dreamweaver
      Chapter 17.  Local Site Management
      How Dreamweaver Handles Local Sites
      Defining a Local Site
      Managing Sites
      Working in the Site Panel
      File and Link Management Within a Site
      Assets Management with the Assets Panel
      Working Without a Site
      Chapter 18.  Site Publishing and Maintenance
      How Dreamweaver Works with Remote Sites
      Defining a Remote Site in Dreamweaver
      Working with a Remote Site
      Keeping Local and Remote Sites Synchronized
      Working Without a Site: Defining Remote Connections
      Chapter 19.  Workplace Collaboration
      Challenges of Working in a Design Team
      Sharing Site Information
      Using Design Notes for Improved Workflow
      Version Control
      Creating Project Workflow Reports
      Dreamweaver and Contribute
      Chapter 20.  Site-Wide Content with Templates and Libraries
      Working with Templates
      Working with Library Items
    Part V:  Dreamweaver and Live Data
      Chapter 21.  Building Dynamic Sites with Dreamweaver
      Basics of Dynamic Sites
      Setting Up Your Workstation for Dynamic Development
      Setting Up for Offline Development
      How Dynamic Sites Work in Dreamweaver
      Chapter 22.  Creating Dynamic Pages
      Collecting Dynamic Data
      Putting Dynamic Elements in Your Pages
      Common Dynamic Tasks
      Chapter 23.  Further Dynamic Techniques
      Dynamic Templates
      Master-Detail Page Sets
      Working with Complex Recordsets
      Creating a User Authentication (Login) System
      Conditional Content
      Chapter 24.  Working Smart with ColdFusion
      ColdFusion Objects in the Insertion Bar
      ColdFusion Components
      ColdFusion Resources
      Chapter 25.  Working Smart with PHP
      PHP Objects in the Insertion Bar
      PHP Resources
      Chapter 26.  Working Smart with ASP.NET
      ASP.NET Installation Notes
      ASP.NET Hand-Coding Objects in the Insertion Bar
      ASP.NET Web Server Control Objects in the Insertion Bar
      ASP.NET Resources
    Part VI :  Dreamweaver Under the Hood
      Chapter 27.  Writing Code in Dreamweaver
      Using Dreamweaver as a Text Editor
      Linking to External Text Editors
      Tag Libraries and the Tag Library Editor
      Advanced Find and Replace
      Editing Non-HTML Markup with Dreamweaver
      Writing JavaScript in Dreamweaver
      Chapter 28.  Customizing and Extending Dreamweaver
      How Dreamweaver is Configured
      Reconfigurations, from Simple to Fancy
      The World of Third-Party Extensions
      Chapter 29.  Creating Your Own Extensions
      Before You Get Started
      The Dreamweaver API
      Creating Object Extensions
      Creating Command Extensions
      Packaging Your Extensions
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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Demystified
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Demystified
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