.NET WS-Security authentication, Configuring the .NET Web Service
MSMQ and WebSphere MQ bridging, Testing MSMQ to WebSphere MQ Connectivity, Testing WebSphere MQ to MSMQ Connectivity
routing, Running the .NET Client
Web service creation, Setting Up the .NET Web Service
validating data
SOAP Trace Utility, Analyzing the Samples with the SOAP Trace Utility
validating remoting.config files, The .NET Server Sample Code
Value method, How Do You Ensure Accuracy of the Tests?
vendor support
future expectations, Acceptance and Agreement of Standards, Desktop Integration
Java Messaging Service, Introduction to JMS
Java Web services, Maintain Neutrality Regarding .NET and Java
MSMQ, Using a Java-to-COM Bridge
MSMQ client for Java, Java Interoperability Options with MSMQ
Web services, UDDI Registries, Ensure the Latest Version of Java Web Services Distribution
WebSphere MQ pub/sub, Installing Publish/Subscribe Support for WebSphere MQ
View Certificate option, Running the .NET Client
BizTalk Server orchestration, The Stock Processes Orchestration: Step by Step
data stored in SQL, Viewing the Data Stored in SQL
message queue managers, Configuring WebSphere MQ
message queues, Installing MSMQ on Windows Server 2003, Simple Message Queue Operations in .NET, Configuring WebSphere MQ
UDDI call progress, Running the Solution
UDDI search results, Exploring the UDDI Registry
XSD documents, Creating an XSD
virtual directories
.NET Web services, Setting Up the Document Web Service
MSMQ Web service interface, Configuring and Setting Security for the Web Service Interface
shared session state, Installing the ASP.NET Sample Code
Web services, Enabling Authentication and Authorization for the .NET Web Service, Installing the Solution
Web services routing, Setting Up the .NET Intermediary, Setting Up the .NET Web Service
Web services security, Configuring the .NET Web Service
Visual J#
editing code, Java IDEs
Visual Studio .NET
BizTalk Server, Prerequisites for BizTalk Server 2004 Beta 1
editing code, Java IDEs
overview, Building a .NET Application
vs. WSDL.EXE, Consuming the Java Web Service Using a .NET Client
Web services client, creating, Option 1: Creating the .NET Client Using Visual Studio .NET
Web services, creating, Option 1: Creating the Web Service Using Visual Studio .NET
XSD creation, Creating an XSD

Microsoft. NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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