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Cubase SX/SL 2 Power!
By Robert Gurin
Publisher : Muska & Lipman
Pub Date : 2004
ISBN : 1-59200-235-8
Pages : 520
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"Cubase SX/SL 2 Power!" goes in-depth with the most important features of Cubase SX and SL 2. You'll also learn some of the lesser-known features that will allow you to take advantage of everything this impressive software has to offer. You'll cover the Freeze functionan attractive new addition to this version of Cubase that allows you to render VST instrument tracks temporarily to save CPU power. This book gives you the tips you need to get the most out of this exciting tool. Much more than a simple encyclopedia of Cubase features and functions, "Cubase SX/SL 2 Power!" teaches you why you should use specific features and when they are most beneficial to your project. As you work your way through, put your newfound skills to the test by completing several online exercises. Harness the power of Cubase SX and SL 2!


  • Covers all the essential, as well as the not so common, functions that can save time for the user

  • Online exercises are designed to let the reader go through what has been discussed in each chapter to enforce what has been learned

  • The "How to Do It Reference Guide" in the appendix is a great time-saving tool to learn how to perform a specific operation quickly

  • Written for both PC and Mac users

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Cubase SX. SL 2 Power.
Cubase SX/SL 2 Power!
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