Creating Templates

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Creating Templates

When we work, we often start with basic settings. For example, if you have a favorite VSTi that you load for drums, a favorite window layout, a typical bus routing, or a number of tracks that you always name the same way, you might consider creating a template. Templates are Cubase project documents that are saved in a Templates folder found inside your Cubase program folder. Saving a project as a template before you start recording events into it allows you to save all these settings, including preferences, output and input settings, and all of the previously mentioned settings. To use a template, you simply select Create New Project from the File menu. This displays the New Project dialog box (see Figure D.1). The options available in the New Project dialog box are the template files found in the Template folder.

Figure Figure D.1. Templates appear in the New Project dialog box when you create a new project.


How To

To create a template:

  1. Organize your project as you normally do. For example, create the tracks you normally use, activate the outputs/inputs, assign send effects, and so on.

  2. When you are satisfied that this is a worthy template, select the Save As Template from the File menu.

  3. Enter a name for your template. The name you enter in this dialog box is the name that will appear in the New Project dialog box, as shown in Figure D.1. This is also the name given to the file.

Because templates are just like regular files, you can rename or delete the files from your hard disk to rename or remove a file from the template list. It also implies that you can save events within a template file.

Another way you can customize your environment at startup is by saving your default preferences as the Default.cpr file in the Cubase program folder. To edit the default file, simply open it, make the desired changes, and save it. Once a Default.cpr file is saved, you need to select the Open Default Project option in the File(PC)/Cubase(Mac) > Preferences > General > On Startup field. The On Startup field determines what actually occurs when launching Cubase, so any selection you make here will affect Cubase's behavior at every startup.

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