Chapter 1. Introducing Cubase

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Chapter 1. Introducing Cubase

Before starting your work in Cubase, it is important to understand what Cubase is all about, what it can do, and how different MIDI and digital audio really are. So, in this chapter, you will learn about these and gain a better understanding of some basic MIDI and digital audio principals.

Here's a summary of what you will learn in this chapter:

  • How Cubase evolved through the years .

  • An overview of Cubase's basic concepts.

  • A brief introduction to MIDI fundamentals.

  • A brief introduction to digital audio fundamentals.

  • How sound is digitized and what the parameters are that affect the quality of your digital audio recording.

  • How MIDI and digital audio are handled inside Cubase.

  • Understanding MIDI tracks, ports, channels, inputs, and outputs.

  • What are audio tracks, channels, inputs, and outputs?

  • What is the basic concept behind 32-bit floating-point digital audio recording?

  • Why the sound card you use affects the quality of your digital audio recording.

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