The project team was dispersed. The order processing system was turned over to the operations department. Uma met with the accounting department and handed over all the financial documents of the project so that accounting could close the books on the project.

Project Leadership Considerations

Uma correctly had someone from accounting close the books; however, she is still responsible for ensuring that this is done correctly and should verify the work. Uma should also have ensured that other items were completed as part of project administrative closure.

One of the final responsibilities requiring project leaders' commitment is to oversee project administrative closure. This is largely a communications function, but also involves some specific tasks that need to be accomplished, such as ensuring that:

  • All the work packages in the WBS structure are completed

  • All the account codes for the project in the accounting system are closed so people can no longer charge to the project's accounts

  • All final reports are prepared and distributed

  • All vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors are paid

  • All final invoicing is performed and payments are received.

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Project Leadership Lesson: Closing—Commitment

A Project Leader Needs to:

Accept that there are many administrative details that must be accomplished at project closing

Have the courage to insist that these details get completed

Exercise the wisdom to know when to move on.

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Project Leadership
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