Case Study: Visualize

Involvement by key stakeholders is absolutely essential for the success of any project. The project manager, along with the project sponsor, identified the key stakeholders and sought their active participation in developing the vision. While considering the team members , they wanted individuals who had decision-making authority because important decisions would have to be made immediately during the workshop.

The project manager then moved quickly to build a common vision. A workshop was scheduled with the expressed purpose of developing a charter that everyone would follow.

In addition to the vision, the project manager knew the workshop provided an additional benefit overcome the first two tumultuous phases of team formation identified under the Tuchman Model. How these two phases were handled set the tone for the rest of the project. Through a workshop, stakeholders had the opportunity to reconcile their differing positions and interests while pursuing a common goal. The project manager knew that a common vision was the easiest and most lasting way to place differences aside or at least assuage them to the point of getting everyone to work together.

During the workshop, agreement was sought on goals and objectives, description of end results, assumptions, milestone dates, business and technical requirements, and scope. At the conclusion, the project manager had everyone sign the document and it was distributed to demonstrate commitment towards achieving a common vision.

The project manager also established what was known as a war room. The war room displayed the vision, the contents of the charter, and other pertinent information, e.g., As-Is and To-Be descriptions of the policies and procedures infrastructure. Such exhibition of the vision served as a reminder of its importance to the daily execution of the project, thereby providing focus.

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