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leading high performance projects  
Leading High Performance Projects
by Ralph L. Kliem  ISBN:193215910x
J. Ross Publishing © 2004

This book explains how project managers can adopt the most appropriate leadership styles, encourage greater teaming, become more effective decision-makers, reduce incidences of negative conflict, and eliminate "negative energy."

Table of Contents
Leading High-Performance Projects
Chapter 1 - Different Perspectives of Leadership
Chapter 2 - The Patterns of Project Leadership
Chapter 3 - Shift
Chapter 4 - Visualize
Chapter 5 - Integrate
Chapter 6 - Understand
Chapter 7 - Decide
Chapter 8 - Motivate
Chapter 9 - Team
Chapter 10 - Trust
Chapter 11 - Communicate
Chapter 12 - Respond
Chapter 13 - Final Thoughts
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Leading High Performance Projects
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