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Project managers must always consider the importance of communication in just about every activity of a project, e.g., managing conflict, working collaboratively, negotiating, conducting meetings, or interviewing. They should also be mindful that how they communicate will influence the quality of the communication. If they exude negativity or indifference in their communication, then they can expect barriers to arise. So it behooves project managers to apply good written and oral communication skills on individual and group levels.

A good way to remember what is important in all communication is that it consists of four basic elements: needs, logic, emotion, and integrity. Project managers must define the requirement (need), organize the contents (logic), present it in a manner that "grabs" the attention of the recipient (emotion), and do not mislead in any way (integrity). More often than not, recipients, regardless of whether or not they object to a message, will then at least be willing to listen.

Above all, project managers must recognize that communication is a two-way process that requires them to take the initiative to ensure that the relationship is free of barriers and filters both for their own and the project's sake. The ultimate test, remember, is to achieve results and the first action is for project managers to initiate a communication exchange among themselves and stakeholders.

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