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saving HTML output  
script libraries, WebUIValidation  
       Forms authentication  
       Passport authentication  
       Windows authentication   2nd  
sending email messages  
serialized data types, custom objects  
server validation  
Server.Transfer method  
       authentication cookies and  
       submit form to different page  
services   [See also web services]
       stress testing  
Session object, user information  
session state maintenance  
sessionState element attributes  
SetAuthCookie method  
SortExpression attribute, DataGrid control  
sorting, DataGrid control
        ascending /descending order  
       DataGrid data  
       paging and  
source user controls  
SQL Servers, data access speed  
       application state maintenance  
       custom controls and  
       information availability and  
       multiple servers, configuration  
       page state, maintenance  
       postbacks and  
       session state maintenance  
       updatePage method  
state server  
State Service  
stress testing   2nd  
StringBuilder object
       concatenation speed  
       performance and  
       custom, caching and  
       query parameters, caching and  
stylesheets, browser-specific  
Submit button, Enter key and  
submitting forms, different page  
System.Drawing classes  


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