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accessing pages
       restricting by role  
       restricting selected  
ACT (Application Center Test)   2nd  
<allow> element  
AllowCustomPaging, DataGrid control  
AllowPaging attribute, DataGrid control  
AllowSorting attribute, DataGrid control  
application level error handling   2nd  
Application object  
       data clearing  
        variables , hardcoding  
application state, maintenance  
application-level tracing  
Application_Start method  
        components , tracing and  
       data caching  
       external, executing  
       stress testing  
arrays, displaying as checkboxes  
ascending sort , DataGrid and  
ASPStateTempApplications table  
ASPStateTempSessions table  
       <trace> element  
       custom controls  
       <forms> element  
       access restriction to selected pages  
       access to pages, restricting by role  
       cookies, Server.Transfer and  
       Forms authentication  
       IAuthenticationModule interface  
       page access restriction  
       Passport authentication  
       principal object  
        user principal object  
       Windows authentication  
<authorization> element  


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