Chapter 2. Tabular Data


    Recipe 2.2.  Selecting the Right Tabular Control

    Recipe 2.3.  Generating a Quick-and-Dirty Tabular Display

    Recipe 2.4.  Enhancing the Output of a Tabular Display

    Recipe 2.5.  Displaying Data from an XML File

    Recipe 2.6.  Displaying an Array as a Group of Checkboxes

    Recipe 2.7.  Displaying Data from a Hashtable

    Recipe 2.8.  Adding Next/Previous Navigation to a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.9.  Adding First/Last Navigation to a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.10.  Adding Direct Page Navigation to a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.11.  Sorting Data in Ascending/Descending Order Within a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.12.  Combining Sorting and Paging in a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.13.  Paging Through a Record-Heavy DataGrid

    Recipe 2.14.  Editing Data Within a DataGrid

    Recipe 2.15.  Navigating and Sorting Within a GridView

    Recipe 2.16.  Updating a GridView Without Refreshing the Whole Page

    Recipe 2.17.  Editing Data in a GridView

    Recipe 2.18.  Inserting a Row Within a GridView

    Recipe 2.19.  Formatting Columnar Data in a GridView

    Recipe 2.20.  Allowing Selection Anywhere Within a GridView

    Recipe 2.21.  Adding a Delete Confirmation Pop-Up

    Recipe 2.22.  Displaying a Pop-Up Details Window

    Recipe 2.23.  Adding a Totals Row to a GridView

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