Appendix C: Annotated URLs

Below is a sampling of URLs that are helpful for those building or using a Beowulf. This is not an exhaustive list, and we encourage the reader to browse the Web for other sites. A good place to start is the general Beowulf Web sites.

C.1 General Beowulf Information

  • The original Beowulf Web site. See also the Beowulf mailing list at

  • The Beowulf Underground provides "unsanctioned and unfettered information on building and using Beowulf systems." It is a site that allows the Beowulf community to post brief articles about software, documentation, and announcements related to Beowulf computing. Each article includes links to Web sites and downloads for the various items. A separate commercial and vendor area keeps free software well delineated. Moderators work to keep the material brief and on topic and to prevent abuses. This is the one stop for all things Beowulf.

  • The special interest group (SIG) on Beowulfs. Provides material material for teaching courses on cluster computing.

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