Bare Metal Recovery

A bare metal backup and recovery utility enables you to make bootable recovery media. Four common utilities are available for Linux:

  • mondo / mindi

  • partimage

  • systemimager

  • g4u (Ghost for UNIX)

These utilities are great for a base-level backup but are not good for a day-to-day backup utility. The most likely scenario would be to use a bare metal backup utility once a month and then do dump backups daily. If you lost the system, you could quickly restore the bare metal backup and then do a quicker restore from the dump tapes. This differs from "bootable recovery media" such as Knoppix, GRUB boot media, and so on. Those tools are used to boot a system and perform maintenance. Bare metal recovery utilities back up a system and then recover it by writing the image to the hard disk.

Linux Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power Users
Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups
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