Printing an Attachment

The easiest way to print an attachment is to open it in its originating software. If, however, you don't have the originating software installed, complete the following steps:


Double-click the attachment icon to open the File Properties box.


Click the View button on the Properties box.


Choose File, Print. The File Print dialog box appears. The default setting in the File Print dialog box is to print all of the document. If you want to print only a portion of the attachment, highlight that segment before you choose File, Print. Then, after you open the File Print dialog box, choose Selection under Print Range. For more information on printing, see Chapter 4, "Managing Mail."


Click OK to print the document.

Unexpected results, such as code lines or unusual characters, might occur when you print from the viewer. Whenever possible, therefore, it is better to print from the native application.

Although sending attachments seems faster and easier than embedding files, Notes does have the capability to embed files. By embedding instead of attaching files, recipients do not need additional software to read the contents of your file. We suggest you learn more about embedding files in the Notes Help Database to see if embedding is a better option for you.

In this chapter, you learned how to create, launch, edit, detach, and print attachments. In the next chapter, you learn how to access your mail from the Web when you don't have Notes available.

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