Editing the Attachment

Editing an attachment allows you to open the attachment in its originating software, and when you save your changes, Notes automatically saves your changes in the attachment. You simply choose Edit in the attachment properties box, edit the document in Word, or whichever application the file was created in, click Save, and close Word, and you are automatically returned to the email in Lotus Notes. Press the Esc key and Notes will ask you if you want to save your changes. Click Save. Now you can reply with attachments to that email, and your edited attachment will be returned to the recipient.

If you edit documents and return the edited copy to the sender, it's a good idea to save the document with a different file name. For example, if you receive PressRelease1.doc for your review and you open and edit the document, save it as PressRelease1R.doc so everyone knows that the document has been edited and is different than the document you originally received.

If you decide to make changes to a file you launched and you want to save two versions, the one you received and the one you made changes to, use the Save As command to give it a name you will remember. At the same time, specify a location on your computer where you want to store the file. Saving changes this way does not affect the original attachment sent to you.

Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Lotus Notes 7 in 10 Minutes
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