Chapter 23: Communicating Devices, Multimode Interfaces and Artistic Creation

Guillaume Hutzler, Bernard Gortais, G rard Poulain, LaMI “ UMR 8042 CNRS/Evry University, France and Laboratory for Data Processing, University of Paris VI,

1 Introduction

In both new technology and artistic creation, communication of information now uses networks whose codes are specific. Almost all professional fields now invest heavily in multimedia systems and networks, the field of art does not escape from it. In our time the transition from an industrial mode of production to a preponderance of information services is characterised by the concomitant presence of creations concerned with varied artistic traditions. With the art produced in France one can simultaneously find artistic developments which go from the prehistoric time to our time, using a varied range of technologies. Among those, one will also find the new technologies of information and communication; naturally so, because artistic development consists in answering contemporary questions. Today, information processing systems are more and more autonomous. They become and will increasingly become expressive and intelligent . While passing from "servomechanism" to "brain-mechanism", communicating entities unload, express, analyse, learn and collaborated with us. But this collaboration is carried out for the moment at the price of training by the user of these modes of expression and communication. Certain steps of artistic creation are confronted with this evolution. They integrate information processing systems and communicating purpose. They associate scientific reasoning and the process of creation artistic without setting up one against the other. They provide, mutually , matter to be thought out and create without giving up their paramount function of knowledge and communication. It is within this framework that "Mises en Sc nes" is presented.

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