Recoloring Clip Art



Double-click the clip-art object.


The Format Picture dialog box opens and displays the Picture tab. Click the Recolor button.


The Recolor Picture dialog box opens. Click the check box next to the color you want to edit to place a check mark in it.


If the colors in the clip-art image you insert onto your slide do not match your slide's color scheme, you can change them. Recoloring clip art allows you to change the various colors associated with the image and choose colors that more closely coordinate with your slide's color scheme.


Clicking the Recolor Picture Button

Another way to access the Recolor Picture dialog box is to click the Recolor Picture button on the Picture toolbar. To view the toolbar, select View, Toolbars, Picture .



Click the New drop-down arrow and select a new color to apply.


Repeat steps 3 and 4 to modify other colors in the clip art, and then click OK .


Click OK in the Format Picture dialog box to apply your changes.


PowerPoint applies the new colors.


Leaving the Outline, Changing the Fill

To leave the outline color of the clip-art image unchanged, click the Fills option in the Recolor Picture dialog box before making changes to the clip-art colors. This tells PowerPoint to change the image's fill colors only.

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