active cell

The selected cell in a table. You can enter or edit text in the active cell.

active document

The slide document that is currently selected in your software window.

active window

In a multiple-window environment, the window that you are currently using, or that is currently selected. Only one window can be active at a time, and keystrokes and commands affect the active window.


The way text lines up against the margins of a slide text object or text box, or within the width of a table column.

Animation effects

Special animating effects you can assign to slide objects, such as text or clip art, that present one slide item at a time. (Also called build effects .)

AutoContent wizard

A PowerPoint feature that walks you through the process of creating a slide-show presentation.


Predrawn shapes you can add to slides. AutoShapes are found on the Drawing toolbar.

Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Easy Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
ISBN: 0789729644
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 193

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