Creating Speaker Notes



In Normal view, click the slide to which you want to add notes.


Click in the Notes pane and type the note information.


Open the View menu and choose Notes Page .


You can use the Notes pane in Normal view mode to add notes about each slide. Speaker notes can help you present important information associated with each slide. Switch to Notes Page view to see and edit your notes.


Increasing the Pane Size

If the Notes pane appears too small in Normal view, you can increase the pane size. Move the mouse pointer over the top edge of the Notes pane, then click and drag to resize the pane.



The Notes page appears. Click the down arrow next to the Zoom field.


Select a magnification percentage.


PowerPoint zooms your view of the Notes page. You can edit and format the Notes page using the same formatting controls for editing slide text.


Click the Normal View button to exit Notes Page view.


Scrolling Along Notes Pages

While in Notes Page view, you can use the scroll arrows on the right side of the screen to scroll through each slide in your presentation and view the associated notes.


Printing Notes

You can use PowerPoint's printing options to print out your notes and use them during the presentation. See the task "Printing a Presentation" to learn more.

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