A Quicken account represents each savings, checking, credit card, or investment account you have in the real world. You use each Quicken account you create to hold the transactions for that account and calculate the current account balance.

Account bar

A pane on the left side of the Quicken window that offers shortcut links to your accounts.

Account List

An alphabetized list of accounts in a Quicken data file. Select the account to work with from the Account List.

Account Overview

When you click the Overview tab in the account register, Quicken displays Account Overview information, including basic account information, recent account statistics, and graphs. You can update account information in the Account Overview or click links to perform operations pertaining to the account.


A special warning or message you set up to appear. For example, you can set up Quicken to alert you when a checking account balance falls below a particular amount, such as the minimum required by your bank.


Something you own that has value that you can track, such as a car, a home, jewelry , or electronics.

Easy Quicken 2004
Easy Quicken 2004
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