Section 122. Preview and Test Drive a DVD Movie

122. Preview and Test Drive a DVD Movie


111 About Burning to DVDs

112 Create an Auto-Play DVD

117 Customize a DVD Menu Screen Template


116 Customize an Image As a Chapter Marker

118 Customize a Menu with Any Background

120 Add Video to a Menu Background

123 Burn Multiple Copies of a DVD

124 About Troubleshooting DVD Output

After you've set up and customized your DVD menus, you'll want to give them a good test drive to make sure that everything works as it should before you burn it to DVD or otherwise export the project.

Note, however, that animating menu backgrounds and menu buttons can be taxing on your computer system. Unless you have a very fast computer, the preview video might seem a bit sluggish or jumpy. Don't be concerned. The important thing is that everything appears as it should and that what you want animated is indeed animated.


Start the DVD Preview

Click the DVD Preview button in the DVD Layout panel. This should open a full-sized window Preview DVD window displaying your main menu.


Test the Play Button

Click the Play button.

Ensure that the video starts at the point you're expecting it to start. If not, check your work area settings. (See 32 Define the Beginning and End of Your Project.)

To return to the main menu from any point in the movie, click the Menu icon on the play window's control panel.


Test the Scene Buttons

In the main menu, click the link to the scene menu(s). Depending on the template or customizations you've made to the template, this link might be labeled Scene Selections or something similar.

122. Preview and Test Drive a DVD Movie

Click each chapter marker icon to ensure that each button begins playback at the correct In Point and, if applicable, returns to the main menu at the Out Point you've designated with a stop marker. (For information on setting a chapter marker as a stop marker, see 114 Set DVD Chapter Markers.)

If you're happy with the preview, close the window and click the Burn DVD button back in the DVD Layout panel.

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