Chapter 15. DVD Authoring


111 About Burning to DVDs

112 Create an Auto-Play DVD

113 Add Dolby Digital Sound to DVD

114 Set DVD Chapter Markers

115 Auto-Generate Scene Markers

116 Customize an Image As a Chapter Marker

117 Customize a DVD Menu Screen Template

118 Customize a Menu with Any Background

119 Create a Motion Menu

120 Add Video to a Menu Background

121 Add Audio to a Menu

122 Preview and Test Drive a DVD Movie

123 Burn Multiple Copies of a DVD

124 About Troubleshooting DVD Output

Those who've been with Premiere Elements since version 1.0 should be very pleased with the new features in the DVD authoring workspace in version 2.0.

Adobe has made several improvements to this workspace, including options for customizing fonts and the placement of navigation controls as well as the ability to add motion, video, and audio backgrounds to DVD menus. In addition, it has added several attractive, new menu templates.

With these improvements, Premiere Elements now has both the advantages of an integrated DVD program and most of the features of a quality, standalone DVD authoring application.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap
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