I would like to thank Sondra Scott at Addison-Wesley. I appreciate her many years of commitment to me and the chance to continue writing for the readers. It takes many people to get a book from concept to publication. Many of the people at Addison-Wesley do so quietly , consistently, and professionally book after book, asking for no recognition. I appreciate their help and know it couldn't be done without them. I would especially like to thank John Cottrell and Lowell Mauer. John and Lowell have many years of combined wisdom and programming experience. Thanks, guys, for technical editing.

A shout out to Sharon Cox, now at Wiley. Thank you, Sharon, for patiently waiting for me to finish this book. Sorry about the scheduling confusion. Tell Chris I will finish the wireless book right away.

David Fugate is my agent at Waterside. David referees when things get hectic. Thank you, David, for keeping the flow going in both directions.

I would like to thank Dan O'Donnell at Intel, Matt Markley, Adena Wilder, and Lisa Cozzens at Microsoft. These folks work at the other end of technical support at Intel and Microsoft, and I believe they set the standard for technical customer assistance. Thank you for your professional and courteous help.

A special thank you to the JET team at Multnomah County for helping me make a home away from home these many months. Thanks to Steve Chennault, Peggy Duerscherl, Karin Britton, Yvette Yutze, Brooke Riddick, Geoff Caylor, Bill Arnold, Mark Davis, Kathy Erwin, Robert Phillips, Lewis Gouge, Frank Bubenick, Joe Shook, John Armitage, Eric Cotter, John Deal, Jeff Braunstein, and Lisa Yeo. We're in the stretch now.

Thanks to Sara Kelsay, Erin, Rhiannon, and Lorinda at Wynne's for food and adult beverages, and we say goodbye to Yonnie who has moved on to bigger and better things.

It is my family that makes all things possible. Thanks to my mom, Jacqueline Benavides, for babysitting when everyone is sick and for trips to the airport. Thanks to my brother Jim Kimmel for emergency appliance repairs while I am out of town. Thanks to my younger brother Nicholas ”who started at Michigan State University in 2002 ”for house sitting. (It was nice to have Mom and Dad Bourbonais and Grandma Blumenthal over for the holidays, up from Tampa, Florida. Hope you enjoyed the first year of retirement.) And thanks to my extended family in Oregon ”Mark Davis, who takes trips to Vegas with me, and Joe Shook, Geoff Caylor, and Eric Cotter for playing Warcraft III and Unreal to help pass the time. A special thanks to my good friend Rob Golieb for sending me books for Christmas. The perfect gift.

Last and most importantly, thank you Lori, Trevor, Doug, Alex, and Noah ”my wife and kids ”for being flexible, lovable, and the best part of my life. I love you dearly, Dad.

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