Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
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Chapter 1.  Using the Unified Visual Studio IDE


When you are prompted to enter data into a text field in Internet Explorer and you are provided with a list of choices based on previous input, this is the AutoComplete feature. AutoComplete is part of the intelligence input that makes sense technology, or IntelliSense.

Visual Studio enhances IntelliSense technology to provide class member lists, procedure parameter information, quick info , complete word, and VB-specific features.

List Members

When you are typing the name of an object reference and type the member-of operatorthe periodthe List Member feature of IntelliSense displays a list of members of that object that you can choose from to complete your code. To manually list members, choose Edit, IntelliSense, List Members, or press Ctrl+J.

Parameter Info

Parameter Info provides you with the names and types of parameters required by procedures, templates, or attributes. After you type the opening parentheses, the parameters list is displayed. When you are typing the parameters, the current parameter is displayed with a bold font.

Parameter Info can be invoked manually by choosing Edit, IntelliSense, Parameter Info. The best thing about IntelliSense features is that they are context-aware. IntelliSense responds with a behavior that depends on what you are currently doing. For example, if you are typing a procedure call, IntelliSense will display parameter information when you need it.

Quick Info

Quick Info is represented by the tooltips that appear when you move the cursor over code in the editor. You can manually invoke Quick Info tips from the IntelliSense menu, but generally you don't have to.

Complete Word

The Complete Word feature displays a list of possible choices based on partial text entry. For example, if you can't remember the System.Diagnostics.DebuggerHidden attribute that prevents code from being stepped into, you could type the Debug part and press Ctrl+Space, and a list of possible matches based on what you could remember would be shown in the Complete Word list. Press Enter to select the one that matches what you are looking for.

VB-Specific IntelliSense

IntelliSense in Visual Basic provides some specific features for VB only. IntelliSense in VB recognizes specific keywords and will provide you a drop-down list of possible choices based on code context.

Keywords like Goto, Exit, Implements, Option, and Declare when followed by a space will cause a drop-down list to be displayed with possible choices. For example, typing Exit followed by a space in a subroutine will result in a single item list containing the word Sub to be displayed. Select the item you want from the list and press Enter.

IntelliSense will display a list of choices for enumerations and a list containing True and False for Boolean types.


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