Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products (COTS)—pre-developed products, including software applications, available for purchase directly through vendors or commercial sources.

Defense Acquisition Work Improvement Act (DAWIA)—the formal institutionalization of acquisition reform policies, practices and procedures within the Department of Defense (DoD).

Individual Development Plan (IDP)—a database module of the IPPMIS focused on professional development and training.

Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD)—a management program permitting the integration of all acquisition products, processes, functions, structures, configurations and systems.

Integrated Product and Process Management Information System (IPPMIS)—a MIS designed to integrate engineering, scheduling, testing, funding, procurement, contractor resources, personnel quality control and system upgrades in a master acquisition and procurement structure.

Integrated Project Team (IPT)—a cross-functional group of personnel assembled to execute a specific project.

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)—is hierarchically linked to the Executive Branch of the United States Government through the Department of Defense, Navy Department.

Program Executive Office (PEO)—a small executive staff tasked with evaluation and management of operations for related Program Management Offices (PMOs).

Prime Contractor—a solicited defense contractor within the commercial sector hired to support the development of the IPPMIS.

Program Management Office (PMO)—responsible for either an offensive or defensive system that functionally discriminates, e.g. an air-to-air combat defense system, for identification of unfriendly aircraft and data feed-forward into a combat system for target acquisition and weapons deployment. The example PMO might function under a Program Executive Office for air combat systems. (The PMO GOV is the POM in this case.)

Request For Proposal (RFP)—a formal proposal process used to solicit work through a bid, competition, evaluation, and award procedure.

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