A tool such as the one described in this case study helps to formalize the planning process involved in developing and maintaining a Web site, but there are a number of other areas that the small business will need to develop expertise before the Web site can be effectively employed. If the model recommends that external expertise is needed to set up the Web site, the business will be required to search out external consultants that can provide the required expertise at the right price. Arrangements will need to be made to support not only the initial development, but also ongoing maintenance of the Web site. It will be necessary to charge an employee with the task of maintaining the content of the Web site so that it is up to date, vital and relevant to customers. Although the model makes recommendations regarding how the Web site should be promoted, the business will still need to know how to set up and maintain the business' domain name, how to register the Web site with search engines and how to approach other businesses to swap banner advertisements. Finally, decisions will be have to be made regarding the length of time between SWOT analyses - that time when it is necessary to go through the entire planning process again.

As was mentioned earlier, from a business viewpoint all new knowledge comes from people. It is, however, possible to incorporate knowledge into artifacts, such as processes, structures and technology (Grover & Davenport, 2001). The "knowledge document" described in this case study does provide a useful starting point for small businesses wishing to establish a Web presence by incorporating some of the knowledge into the spreadsheet application (artifact). There is still a challenge for small businesses to supplement this knowledge with the additional expertise described in the previous paragraph to make the Web site operational and effective.

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