Omega Airlines, a large international carrier, provides air transportation services for passengers and cargo both to domestic and international arenas. Together with its regional partners, Omega Airlines's route network provides transportation services to 125 cities worldwide, including 97 cities in North America and 22 cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. It also provides charter services to six international destinations as well as cargo services to 65 destinations worldwide. It's operations include a large aircraft and engine maintenance business that provides maintenance services to airlines and other customers. Other services that are also offered include computer and ground handling services to airlines and other customers. Among its holdings, Omega Airlines retains 100% interest in five regional airlines; in one of the largest computer reservation systems; and in a major tour operator. It also holds minority interests in other travel and transportation-related businesses.

By 1995, Omega Airlines's Honeywell-Bull mainframe system was running with hardware and software that was more than ten years old. The system contained information that was extremely important to Omega Airlines's daily operations. With the system due for changes, whether through upgrade, conversion, or replacement, action needed to be taken soon, but how long could Omega Airlines postpone the inevitable without impeding or hindering its operations?

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