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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



Which of the following is not a benefit of code data separation?

  1. Bugs in the code are eliminated.

  2. Code can be reused in a new project.

  3. Artwork can be replaced without affecting the code.


What's a full-path review?

  1. A situation in which everyone involved in the project is present for a review

  2. A situation in which you step through the entire project once (going down each path)

  3. A situation in which one path is completely developed and reviewed


What happens if you click a keyframe and select Edit, Copy?

  1. Nothing. You should select Edit, Copy Frames.

  2. The onscreen contents of that layer are copied to the Clipboard.

  3. Flash will quit.

Quiz Answers


A. Although good code data separation practices may tend to make fixing bugs easier, it won't have much impact by itself.


C. It probably doesn't hurt to have everyone present, but the idea is to simply go through one completely developed path.


B. You might have wanted to use Copy Frames, but simply selecting Copy will copy the selected items on the Stage (and clicking the keyframe selects everything in the layer). To copy the keyframes, select Edit, Timeline, Copy Frames.


As a way to solidify your understanding of shared Library items, try to redo the task "Use Shared Library Items to Start Assembling a Movie Without Final Graphics" but this time use runtime sharing instead. In the end, you'll have the Background symbol with its properties set to Export for Runtime Sharing inside a single .swf. Then create as many "user" files as you want; each file should contain the same Background symbol but should be set to Import for Runtime Sharing. You should keep track of file locations and names carefully.

To do this, I followed these steps, in this order:


I created the Background symbol in a file named source.fla.


I set the symbol's properties to Export for Runtime Sharing with the URL field set to source.swf.


I used Test Movie.


Finally, I copied an instance of Background from source.fla into as many other files as I wanted. The setting Import for Runtime Sharing was automatically set for every copy.

The cool part is that you'll be able to make changes to the source Background symbol (and re-export source.swf), and every user file (the .swf files, anyway) will reflect the change without needing to be re-exported. This is different from the task you did earlier in this hour, but doing it will help you understand the differences between runtime sharing and authortime sharing.

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