Chapter 10

  1. An actor is a person, organization, or thing that might interact with a system.

  2. A subject matter expert (SME) is a person who has expert knowledge of the system but may not use the system.

  3. You should request that they have ready any sample reports or forms that they currently use to do their job.

  4. Ask the most important questions first, in case you run out of time.

  5. An essential use case is a nontechnical view of how your system will work with its users.

  6. The purpose of the use case diagram is simply to identify the use of the system, not its technical details.

  7. The system use case defines the technical aspect of the system.

  8. Business rules define the rules a business must follow, and they must be incorporated into the system.

  9. User interface flow diagramming lets you define the flow of the program, from a menu selection to a specific form.

  10. An actor class is a class that represents an actor within a system.

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OOP Demystified
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