OOP Demystified

James Keogh
& Mario Giannini

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OOP Demystified

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This book is dedicated to Anne, Sandy, Joanne,
Amber-Leigh Christine, and Graaf, without whose
help and support this book couldn t be written.

For my son, Nicholas, whose inquisitive mind
and endless smile reminds me what it s all about.

About the Authors

Jim Keogh is a member of the faculty of Columbia University, where he teaches courses on Java Application Development, and is a member of the Java Community Process Program. He developed the first e-commerce track at Columbia and became its first chairperson. Jim spent more than a decade developing advanced systems for major Wall Street firms and is also the author of several best-selling computer books.

Mario Giannini is the President of Code Fighter, Inc., co-author of Windows Programming Programmers Notebook , and Chair of the Software Development Program at Columbia University s Information Technology Programs. With over 20 years of software development experience on CP/M, Unix, and Windows, he feels lucky to be fascinated with the ever-changing field of software development after all these years .

OOP Demystified
OOP Demystified
ISBN: 0072253630
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Year: 2006
Pages: 130

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