List of Tables

Chapter 1: A Look at How We See the World

Table 1-1: Attributes and Behaviors of Person
Table 1-2: Attributes and Behaviors of Student
Table 1-3: Attributes and Behaviors Available to an Instance of Student

Chapter 2: What Is a Class?

Table 2-1: Primitive Data Types

Chapter 7: Identifying and Describing Objects

Table 7-1: Decomposing Attributes to Data
Table 7-2: Identifying Behaviors of an Object

Chapter 10: Case Modeling

Table 10-1: Work Assignment Types
Table 10-2: Status of a Work Request
Table 10-3: Task Status

Chapter 11: Interfaces

Table 11-1: Common HTML Tags
Table 11-2: The Java.lang.Object Class
Table 11-3: The C# System.Object Class

Chapter 12: Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Table 12-1: Editions of Java
Table 12-2: Assembly Implementations

OOP Demystified
OOP Demystified
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