Data Networks - Routing, Security, and Performance Optimization

Tony Kenyon

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 Kenyon, Tony, 1960—   Data networks: routing, security, and performance optimization / Tony Kenyon.     p. cm.   Includes bibliographical references and index. 

ISBN 1-55558-271-0 (pbk. :alk. paper)

1. Routers (Computer networks) 2. Computer networks—Security measures. 3. High performance computing. I. Title.

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This book is dedicated to my wife Amita,
And to our beautiful son Jai.
Hardly an Indian love poem, but I'm sure
She understands.

About the Author

Tony Kenyon is the Chief Technical Officer of Advisor Technologies Ltd. (ATL), based in Berkshire, United Kingdom. ATL develops enterprise security management solutions for multivendor networks. He was formerly Technical Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Nokia Internet Communications and has worked in the data communications industry since 1983. Tony has designed several international communications networks and has developed a number of modeling tools, including an award-winning graphical object-oriented network design suite. For comments to the author he can be reached at <>


As anybody involved in such a large undertaking will attest, attempting to write such a book without feedback is a recipe for insanity. Therefore, I must thank a number of individuals for their time and constructive input on this project. For painstakingly reviewing the content and making numerous suggestions I have Brian Hill of Xyplex to thank. For reviews and helpful suggestions on security and routing topics I must thank my colleagues Philip Miller, Andrew Namboka, and Bob Brace of Nokia Internet Communications; Alex Challis of Asita Technologies; and Derin Mellor. For editing and compiling the final version of this text, I thank Dr. Paul Fortier and Gurukumar Anantharama Sarma of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I thank Pam Chester and the folks at Digital Press for affording me the opportunity to bring this project to life. Finally, I must thank my wife Amita and my son Jai for their patience and support.

This book does not reflect the policy or the position of any organization I have worked for. No financial support, resources, or direction was obtained from these organizations, and the ideas and opinions presented here (rightly or wrongly) are strictly personal. I apologize for any errors I have made that may offend or mislead. Please forward any constructive input to my e-mail address or to Digital Press.

Data Networks. Routing, Seurity, and Performance Optimization
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