Creating Links with the Mouse


Creating a predecessor/successor link can be done in several ways. The first and easiest is to use the mouse to link tasks . The first task here applies a link in the Gantt Chart view. The second task shows you how the same method for creating a link with the mouse applies in the Network Diagram view (except that no ToolTip will appear).

Create a Link in Gantt Chart View

graphics/one_icon.jpg Center the mouse pointer over the middle of the Gantt bar of the task you want to become the predecessor, and then hold down the left mouse button.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Now drag the pointer to the middle of the Gantt bar of the task you want to become the successor.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Notice that the ToolTip that appears tells you which two tasks you are linking.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Release the left mouse button and the two tasks are linked.

graphics/five_icon.jpg A Finish-to-Start link looks like this.


Create a Link in Network Diagram View

graphics/one_icon.jpg Drag a link in the Network Diagram view.

graphics/two_icon.jpg The completed link in the Network Diagram view.


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