Working with Advanced Task Settings


To maintain the proper scheduling of tasks , it's very important for you to understand and be able to work with the settings found on the Advanced tab of the Task Information dialog box. While learning how to work with these advanced options, it's a good idea to experiment with them using a test project so that you can understand how these settings affect the scheduling of your project.

Setting and Viewing Advanced Task Settings

graphics/one_icon.jpg Select the Advanced tab.

graphics/two_icon.jpg A Deadline date is a target you can set for a task. Enter a date from the drop-down if you want to set a Deadline date for your task.

graphics/three_icon.jpg If a constraint is needed for this task, you can enter the type and date here. If you need to reset a task back to As Soon As Possible, change the type.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter the Task Type for the task in the drop-down.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Select whether the task is effort-driven by using this check box.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Specify the Calendar for this task and use the Scheduling Ignores Resource Calendars option to give the Task Calendar precedence over resource working times.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Select the Earned Value Method for the task. Generally, it is better to leave this as the default.


For Your Information

Task Calendars

Task calendars are useful in situations when a task MUST be done only on certain days of the week. A good example of this is maintenance work on servers or network hardware. Commonly, this kind of work is done only on weekends. Setting up a calendar for these tasks where Saturday and Sunday were the only working days would restrict these tasks so that they could ONLY be done on weekends.

The Scheduling Ignores Resource Calendars option would be used in this case, so that even resources whose calendars specified that weekends were nonworking days would still be scheduled to work on the tasks on the weekends.

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