Setting the Spelling Options


Like any other Microsoft application, Project can check your spelling. Unlike Word, however, Project is made up of hundreds of fields and broken down into tasks , resources, and assignments. This dialog lets you define which fields will be spell-checked, which words should be checked, and which dictionary should be used as well.

Set Spelling Options

graphics/one_icon.jpg If there are fields that you do not want Project to check when performing a spell-check operation, find the field in this grid and change the Yes value to No.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Use these options to control the dictionary used, how Project should suggest changes, and which words it should ignore.


For Your Information

Spell-Check for Fields

If you have certain fields that will allways contain text that will not be in your dictionary, setting that field to No here in this dialog will save you lots of time when you spell-check your project. Custom text fields commonly contain accounting system codes and the like, which are rarely included in a dictionary. These would be good candidates for fields to exclude in your spell-check.

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