Setting the General Options


Use the steps in this task to configure the options available on the General tab of the Options dialog. As with all options, you should open a sample project and experiement with the options on this dialog to become comfortable with what they mean and how they change the way Project acts.

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click Tools, Options to show the Options dialog.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the General tab.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Check the Show Startup Task Pane box if you want Project to show the startup Task Pane when Project starts.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Check the Open Last File On Startup option if you want Project to always open the last file you had open the last time you were in Project.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Check the Prompt For Project Info For New Projects check box if you want Project to prompt you for project information when saving a new project.

graphics/six_icon.jpg If you want the Autofilter to be enabled by default for new projects, check the Set AutoFilter On For New Projects option.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Check the Recently Used File List option to define whether you want Project to keep a list of your last opened files and how long you want the list to be.

graphics/eight_icon.jpg Enter your username in the User Name field.

graphics/nine_icon.jpg Choose the items you want the Planning Wizard to teach you about while you are using Project.

graphics/ten_icon.jpg The Automatically Add New Resources And Tasks option tells Project to automatically add resource names you type into the Resources field to the list of available resources for the project.

graphics/eleven_icon.jpg Define the default resource rates for new resources in Default Standard Rate and Default Overtime Rate fields.

graphics/tweleve_icon.jpg Click the Set As Default button if you want the current state of the Default Standard Rate and Default Overtime Rate fields to be set as the default for all new projects.

graphics/thirteen_icon.jpg Click OK to save your changes.


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