Setting the Edit Options


The Edit tab of the Options dialog contains options that control how Project displays hyperlinks , how it displays unit values for Work and Duration fields, and how users can edit data in views.

Working with Edit Options

graphics/one_icon.jpg The Allow Cell Drag And Drop option controls whether Project will let you drag the contents of the selected cells to another set of cells .

graphics/two_icon.jpg The Move Selection After Enter option sets how Project responds when the Enter button is pressed while a cell is selected. With this option checked, the selection changes the cell just below the current cell when the Enter key is pressed.

graphics/three_icon.jpg It is possible to have cells in one application linked to cells in another application. In this way, you can have the contents of a cell in Project depend on the contents of a linked cell in another project, or in an application such as Excel. With this option checked, Project prompts the user to update these links.

graphics/four_icon.jpg With Edit Directly in Cell checked, you can edit the contents of a cell in the cell itself without having to use the Edit bar at the top of the screen.


Working with the View and Hyperlink Options

graphics/one_icon.jpg These fields let you define how Project displays units in the Work and Duration fields. The check box at the bottom of the section allows you to define whether a blank space should separate the number from the unit label.

graphics/two_icon.jpg The Hyperlink controls let you define how hyperlinks should be displayed. When working with different screen or font colors, it can be useful to adjust the coloring of hyperlinks.

graphics/three_icon.jpg You can set the current state of the settings in the different sections on this tab by clicking the Set As Default button.


Did You Know?

You can choose from a number of different options for formatting time . For example, for minutes you can choose to show m , min , or minutes . With screen space at a premium, pick the one that best suits your needs.

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