Adding Notes to Your Printed View and Printing Your View


Project will also let you add the Notes field for your tasks to the printed views. This section will show you how to adjust the settings so that your printed views contain a separate page for those note fields. This section also covers the actual printing of your views after you have the settings set the way you want.

Printing Task or Resource Notes

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the File, Page Setup menu item.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select the View tab.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Check the Print Notes option.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Click the Print Preview button and scroll to the end of the set of pages to view your notes page.


Did You Know?

You can have the Task or Resource Notes printed on a separate set of pages at the end of your printed view.

Printing Your View

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click the File, Print menu item.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Select the printer.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Select a page range for your view.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Select a timescale .

graphics/five_icon.jpg Select a number of copies.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Click OK to print your view.


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