Chapter 7: Cultural Influencers - The Buying Filters of Emerging Majorities


The Hispanic, Black and Asian American market segments, until recently referred to as minority groups, are rapidly growing in numbers and economic influence. [1] In fact, we marketers had to drop the term "minority" altogether and call these segments what they really are: emerging majorities. The women of these emerging majorities are looking for brands that view them as a significant part of the future of the U.S. consumer market and already reflect the mix of their many cultures in the goods, services and marketing messages they deliver.

It may feel like the major growth among Hispanics, Blacks and Asian Americans has snuck up on us, but it really hasn't. The shrinking of the Anglo American majority seems to drive that point home. While Anglo Americans in 1990 represented 87 percent of the total consumer marketplace , by 2007 their market share is expected to decline to 80 percent of all U.S. consumer spending, and this downward trend will continue. [2]

Correctly using the many possible terms to describe these segments, like African American or Caribbean American or Hispanic American or Mexican American, is just the tip of the iceberg in training your brain to understand the women of these groups. We'll start by pointing out the common traits that are generally shared by these diverse cultures and that differentiate them from Anglo culture as a whole. Then, we'll go into a few more specifics on each of these three ethnicities to help define who these women are and what influences their buying decisions.

[1] For the purposes of this book, the term "Black" seemed to be the most comprehensive designation for those who are dark- skinned and of African, Caribbean or American origin.

[2] Jeffrey M. Humphreys, "The multicultural economy 2003: America's minority buying power," GBEC, vol. 63, number 2, Second Quarter 2003, Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia,

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