Transparency Is the Future

As general awareness of the economic power of women increases , and as the younger generations of women wield more influence in the marketplace , we predict that transparent positioning will become the rule, while visible campaigns will be the exception.

When your brand commits the time and effort to develop products and marketing tactics that serve and reach your female customers most effectively, a transparent campaign results. And, it will likely be received as well as a newly tailored suit. Your female customers will notice you paid attention to their preferences, and you won't need a "for women" tagline to call them out or get their attention.

Transparent marketing is really just good marketing. Using a transparent approach will not only help companies serve the high expectations of their women customers, but in many cases it will help them increase market share with men as well. The exponential result is part of why we see transparency as the future of all great marketing efforts to women.

From the style of information you deliver to the ease of use of your products, the things that resonate with your female customers should be seamlessly embedded into the buying process, providing a streamlined and frictionless shopping experience.

Doing that, your Web site will seem to serve your customers well and attend to their buying needs. Your customers might not fathom why it took you so long to develop, but your brand finally did it ” the perfect breakfast solution for their kids , for example! And, you didn't have to slap "for women" or "for moms" on the package!

start example

Even though I'd like to have the willpower to buy books solely through my local independent bookstore, I keep finding myself heading to Amazon.com. It's like a drug. I love that I can compile a wish list, or easily build up my shopping cart and wait until there's enough in it to get free shipping. And, I'm a total sucker for their recommendations and the reviews by people who've already read the book or bought the CD.

”Ann H., age 37, business journalist

end example

The more sophisticated and relevant ways that a transparent approach meets customer needs make it so effective for reaching women. By tapping into their actual buying needs and preferences, your brand demonstrates its awareness of women and its value for them as customers. Calling out to women with "for women" products and programs is annoying to many ( especially the younger set), and can even make a new product look dated or less sophisticated.

What's more, in many cases when you market transparently , men will likely also come to realize that they prefer shopping on your site or at your store, because of some indescribable sense they get in dealing with your staff and products. In general, customers may say things like, "It just seems friendly." Or, "Their site is so intuitive, I can get my shopping done quickly." Or, "They make returns so easy and they offer all the products I love."

By doing your homework, you've smoothed the way for fast, efficient and comfortable purchasing experiences for your customers. There is nothing gender- biased about that.

Don't Think Pink(c) What Really Makes Women Buy(c) and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
Dont Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy -- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market
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