Changing the Way a CD or DVD Starts

When you insert a CD or DVD into your computer, you can specify how you want Windows to respond. You can have Windows detects the type of content on the disc and automatically start, or prompt you each time to choose an action. If you have CDs with music files, pictures, video files, or mixed content, you can change the action Windows takes when it detects the content on the disc. You can have Windows play the first file using Windows Media Player, open the first folder to view files using Windows Explorer, or take no action.

Set AutoPlay Options


Click the Start button, and then click My Computer.


Right-click the CD Drive, and then click Properties.


Click the AutoPlay tab.


Click the list arrow, and then select a content type.


Click the Select An Action To Perform option, and then select an action, or click the Prompt Me Each Time To Choose An Action option.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can stop Windows from performing an action on a CD or DVD . Hold down the Shift key while you insert the CD or DVD.

You can reset AutoPlay properties . On the AutoPlay tab, click Restore Defaults.

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