Starting Windows When Problems Occur

If you have a problem starting Windows, you can use one of several startup options to help you start Windows in a safe environment with basic files and drivers where you can restore settings and fix the problem. Safe Mode is a good place to start. If a problem does not occur when you start in Safe Mode, you can eliminate basic Windows files and drivers as possible causes of the problem. If you added a device or changed driver, you can use Safe Mode to remove the device or restore the changed driver, or you can use Choosing Last Known Good Configuration to restore settings saved when your computer was last shut down properly.

Start Windows When Problems Occur


Restart your computer.


As your computer boots, press and hold F8.


Use the arrow keys to select a startup option, and then press Enter.


If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, select the operating system you want, and then press Enter.


Restore any recent system changes, or remove any newly installed software that might be causing the problem.


Shutdown your computer.


Start your computer to see if it works properly.


If problems persist, try a different startup option, or seek assistance from a support technician.

Computer Startup Options



Safe Mode

Starts with basic files and drivers and without a network connection

Safe Mode With Networking

Starts with basic files and drivers and a network connection

Safe Mode With Command Prompt

Starts with basic files and drivers and without a network connection to the command prompt

Enable Boot Logging

Starts and logs startup information in the ntbtlog.txt file

Enable VGA Mode

Starts using the basic VGA driver

Last Know Good Configuration

Starts using Registry settings saved at the last properly done shutdown

Directory Services Restore Mode

Restores active directory services for Windows XP Professional only

Debugging Mode

Starts and sends debugging information to another computer using a serial cable

Start Windows Normally

Starts the computer normally


Restarts the computer

Return To OS Choices Menu

Displays operating system selection screen

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