Protecting an Internet Identity

To further protect your privacy, you can use certificates to verify your identity and protect important information, such as your credit card number, on the Internet. A certificate is a statement verifying the identity of a person or the security of a web site. You can obtain your personal security certification from an independent Certification Authority (CA). A personal certificate verifies your identity to a secure web site that requires a certificate, while a web site certificate verifies its security to you before you send it information. When you visit a secure web site (one whose address may start with " https " instead of "http"), the site automatically sends you its certificate, and Internet Explorer displays a lock icon on the status bar.

Import a Certificate


Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel, double-click the Internet Options in Classic view.


Click the Content tab.


Click Certificates.


Click the tab with the type of certificate you want.


Click Import.


Follow the instructions in the Certificate Import Wizard to import a certificate.


Click Close.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

A certificate is also called a Digital ID . A certificate is also known as a Digital ID in other programs, such as Microsoft Outlook or the Address Book.

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