Adding Functionality to Media Player

Windows Media Player allows you to add functionality to the player using plug-ins. Plug-ins add or enhance the media experience with audio and video effects, new rendering types, and visualizations . Before you can use a plug-in, you need to download it from the Web and add it to the Media Player. You can find lots of Media Player plug-ins at Before you download a plug-in, read the online information about the plug-in for additional instructions.

Work with Plug-Ins


Click the View menu, point to Plug-Ins, and then click Options.


To download a plug-in, click Look For Plug-ins On The Internet link, and then follow the instructions on the Web page.


To add a plug-in, click Add, select the plug-in, and then click Open.


Select a plug-in category.


Select a plug-in option, if available.


To modify a plug-in, click Properties.


To remove a plug-in, click Remove.


Click OK.


Did You Know?

You can download a creativity fun pack for the Media Player . Open your browser, go to, and then search for the Creativity Fun Pack for Windows Media Player download link.


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