Installing a Scanner or Digital Camera

Windows XP makes it easy to install a scanner or digital camera on your computer using plug-and-play. In most cases, all you need to do is turn off your computer, plug in the hardware device, and restart your computer. Windows recognizes the new hardware and installs it. If for some reason Windows doesn't recognize the hardware, you can start a wizard, which walks you through the installation process.

Install a Scanner or Digital Camera

graphics/one_icon.jpg Plug your scanner or camera into your computer to start the Scanner And Camera wizard.

If the wizard doesn't open , click the Start button, click Control Panel, double-click the Scanners And Cameras icon, and then click Add An Imaging Device.


Click Next.


Click the manufacturer of the scanner or camera you want to install, click the device name , and then click Next.

TROUBLE ? If your scanner or camera is not listed, try to install it using the Device Manager.


Connect your device to your computer, select a port, and then click Next.


Type a name for the device, or use the suggested one, and then click Next.


Click Finish.




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