Windows XP makes it easy to store and work with your pictures using the My Pictures folder. You can quickly access the folder from the Start menu. From the My Pictures folder you can view, organize, and share pictures with others on the Internet. When you download and save pictures from your digital camera or scanner to your computer, Windows stores the digital images in the My Pictures folder by default. (You can specify an alternative location.) You can view your picture files as a slide show or in the Filmstrip view, which displays a larger image above thumbnail images of the pictures. The My Pictures folder also contains links to specialized picture tasks that help you share pictures with others, such as sending pictures in an e-mail, publishing pictures and documents on the Web, printing photographs, and ordering prints from the Internet. You can also create your own pictures or edit existing ones in Paint, a Windows accessory program designed for drawing and painting. Paint is useful for making simple changes to a picture, adding a text caption, or saving a picture in another file format.

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