Making a Web Page Available Offline

When you make a web page available offline, you can read its content when your computer is not connected to the Internet or network. For example, you can view web pages on your laptop computer when you have no Internet or network connection. Or, you might want to read web pages at home but not want to tie up a phone line. When you make a web page available offline, you save, or synchronize , the latest online version of your web page on your hard disk drive for offline viewing. You can specify how much content you want available, such as an individual web page or a web page and all of its linked web pages. You can also choose how you want to update that content on your computer. When you choose to view a web page and all its linked pages offline, be aware that the additional linked pages take up a lot of hard drive space.

Set Up a Web Site for Offline Viewing


Open the web site you want to add.


Click the Favorites menu, and then click Add To Favorites.


Select the Make Available Offline check box.


Click Customize, and then click Next to configure your page.


Click the Yes option to allow viewing of the entire web site, or click the No option to restrict your offline viewing to the single page, and then click Next.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Choose the synchronization schedule option you want, and then click Next.

If a web site provides a schedule, you may want to choose this option to receive the most up-to-date information.


If the web site requires user authentication, enter your user name and password.


Click Finish.


Choose a folder to store the page, and then click OK.



Synchronize Your Offline Web Pages


Click the Tools menu, and then click Synchronize.

TIMESAVER Click the Favorites button on the toolbar, right-click the offline web page, and then click Synchronize.


Select the web site(s) you want to synchronize.


Click Synchronize.


Click Close, if necessary.


View an Offline Web Page


Click the File menu, and then click Work Offline.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the Favorites menu, and then click a synchronized favorite.

Files not set for offline viewing display a grayed out.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Browse the site at high speed from your hard disk.

When the pointer changes to a circle with a line through it, the link is not available offline. You can still click those links, but you will have to reconnect to the Internet to see the content.


Did You Know?

You need to turn on Work Offline again . When you choose to work offline, Internet Explorer starts in offline mode until you click File on the menu bar, and then click Work Offline again to clear the check mark.

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