Viewing Team Members

After you have setup a portal page, you need to specify a user access list to the site. Specifying a user access list controls who can access the site, as well as who has administrative privileges. With integration to Microsoft Active Directory, users can be managed with the same groups as your domain. The access will allow your users to perform a specific action in your site by assigning them to the appropriate groups.

Add New Members to the Site


Log into your SharePoint server with your domain account and password.


On the main Home page, click Give User Access To The Portal.


On the Manage Users page, click Add Users.


Type the name of their domain account.


Click the type of permissions you want to give this user:

  • Reader . Gives the user read-only access to the portal site.

  • Contributor . Gives the user write access to the document libraries and lists.

  • Web Designer . Gives the user the ability to create lists and document libraries and customize the overall look and feel of the site.

  • Administrator . Gives the user full access of the portal site.

  • Content Manager . Gives the user the ability to manage lists, libraries, sites and moderate the discussions.

  • Member . Gives the user the ability to personalize the portal site content and create lists.


Click Next, fill out any additional information, and then click Finish.



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